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June Message from the Steering Committee

June is important to the League of Women Voters of Schenectady County because it is the month of our Annual Meeting and provides us with a chance to socialize informally with our League friends. We also depend on our Annual Meeting to gain program ideas from you and to receive any directions to the Board. We encourage you to think of ideas for programs that will appeal to our membership and educate the community. This will help the League Board when it gets together in July to put tentative programs together for the year.

The State League has asked us to schedule a program on redistricting early this Fall. Redistricting in the past has favored incumbents and often is manipulated by the political party in control. The League has long favored an independent commission that would draw more rational boundaries that do not favor one political party over another. The redistricting that occurred most recently showed how skewed districts can become. Although redistricting is an important issue, we will need to find a way to attract an audience.

The Working Group on Girls wrapped up its year of activity in May with a celebration for girls and the special women in their lives. A total of 220 girls, family members, friends, muses, and the Working Group on Girls committee attended the function. The League is proud of this program that requires great commitment of many volunteers, and collaboration among organizations. It is a tribute to the Working Group on Girls that it has been able to sustain and build a program over a ten year period that helps Schenectady girls realize their potential and strengths.

We would like to congratulate Joanne Tobiessen for receiving the Community Hero Award from the Schenectady Foundation in May for her work with Working Group on Girls. She richly deserves this recognition. The Working Group on Girls also received the Community Golden Award from the Foundation.

Joan Elliott, Lead


Ruth Bonn

Lead for August 2014-October 2014

Carol Furman

Lead for November 2014-January 2015

Cheryl Nechamen

Lead for February 2015-April 2015

Joan Elliott

Lead for May 2015-July 2015