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Letter supporting the work of the SCCC

The following letter was sent by LWV President Cheryl Nechamen on behalf of the League and in support of the work of SCCC.

Jennifer Miller, Director of Community College Support SUNY System Administration Office of Community Colleges and the Educational Pipeline SUNY Plaza, 353 Broadway Albany, NY 12204 Dear Ms. Miller: The League of Women Voters of Schenectady County enthusiastically supports Schenectady County Community College's application to the SUNY Community College Community Schools (CCCS) grant. Schenectady County Community College (SCCC), in collaboration with an array of public, private and nonprofit partners, seeks to support high need students, and to build a network of accessible, on-campus, non-academic resources essential to successfully retaining and graduating these students.

The proposed SCCC Community Schools initiative, DESTINATION: SUCCESS, integrates college resources and community based services for students and their families through a centralized location on the College's campus. SCCC's DESTINATION: SUCCESS is aimed at increasing student retention rates of high-needs students by directly connecting them to multiple community resources available to support them through life's non-academic challenges. On-campus support will help students to navigate and address such issues as employment, food, housing, finances, childcare, primary care and mental health services, legal support, transportation, and other day-to-day needs than can negatively impact student success.

The League of Women Voters will partner with SCCC to develop and implement this important initiative. The League will hold voter registration drives on campus to increase the number of new voters. During the voter registration drives, pamphlets will be available that help students who may have felony convictions, disabilities or who are homeless which will enable them to exercise their right to vote.

The League distributes information on candidates and issues during election campaigns. In addition, the League has a long history of holding educational programs on local, state and national issues that will help students to become active and informed participants in our country.

The proposed DESTINATION: SUCCESS initiative is designed to improve SCCC's retention and graduation rates by significantly scaling up the College's ongoing efforts to provide support to its diverse and ever-changing student population. Providing on-campus access to crucial services will give SCCC students the support they need. This, in turn, will further strengthen student's families, our larger community, and our region. We enthusiastically support the College's application for SUNY Community Schools grant funding.


Cheryl Nechamen


League of Women Voters of Schenectady County

June message from the Steering Committee

Our annual meeting and dinner at the Turf Tavern is coming up soon on Tuesday, June 7th. We have the good fortune of having Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors Theatre, as the featured speaker. Philip will talk about some of the unusual characteristics of the Capital District in "The Inside-Out City", with the population of a large metropolitan area fragmented into small and very small cities, small towns, suburbs and open land and how it affects politics and the economy. It's sure to be an interesting talk.

We are also proud to present the 2016 Susan B. Anthony Award to League member Mary Pritchard for her outstanding service to the League and the community. At the dinner, Helen MacDonald will tell us about Mary's many contributions.

Our fundraiser at the annual dinner this year will be a restaurant gift card raffle with the proceeds to be used for educational activities sponsored by the League, including a CDTA bus ad promoting Area restaurants have been very generous, donating $15-$35 gift cards, with cuisines ranging from Spanish to BBQ, Italian, Bistro, Thai, American, Moroccan and Asian Fusion. More Info about the restaurants in the fundraiser restaurant gift card raffle. Raffle tickets are 2/$5 or 5/$10.

During the business part of our meeting, we will vote on the Schenectady LWV budget and changes to position statements. We will also be electing members to the Board and presenting the many people who have agreed to serve as project coordinators who are appointed by the Board. We could not do the valuable work of the League without these dedicated leaders and we appreciate their willingness to serve.

We will also be voting on the LWVNYS budget at the annual meeting. The LWVNYS budget is posted at and will be available at the annual meeting.

Don't forget to bring separate checks (or cash!) to renew your membership, pay for dinner and buy raffle tickets. Between our featured speaker, the Susan B. Anthony Award presentation, the restaurant gift card raffle, the business meeting and friends to reconnect with, we have a great evening to look forward to.

Cheryl Nechamen, Lead