Making Democracy Work

Local Program 2019-2020

The Local Program Positions for the LWV Schenectady County.

Justice and the Law

Support improvements to the local criminal justice system by:
  • monitoring and strengthening the Probation and Parole procedures, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and supportive services with programs such as the Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program in Schenectady County.
  • facilitating the implementation of alternative courts (problem solving courts) in Schenectady County and promoting collaborations to support them.
  • monitoring the juvenile justice system including Family Court and promoting community-based rehabilitation.
  • supporting restorative justice programs such as the Community Accountability Board.
  • improve accessibility to police complaint procedure

Local Government

  • Monitor activities of county governmental units, including town boards, the Schenectady City Council and the Schenectady County Legislature, monitor activities of other quasi-governmental units, public authorities and agencies such as Metroplex, IDAs and Planning Boards, monitor activities of elected public Boards of Education.
  • Support standards of high professional qualifications and political nonpartisanship in manager form of government.
  • Evaluate opportunities for inter-municipal cooperation and examine options for the consolidation of governmental services in Schenectady County.

Children at Risk

  • Collaborate with other organizations to identify the needs of children in Schenectady County, facilitate programs on their behalf and educate the community about their needs and challenges.
  • Study early childhood education and caregiving needs in Schenectady County from a policy and financing perspective.

Local Education

  • Monitor local initiatives related to schools and promote and advocate adequate and equitable funding for all school districts so the students can reach their potential.

Environmental Issues

Support the protection of environmental resources, land, water and air in Schenectady County:
  • Advocate for the protection of water resources in the County.
  • Promote understanding of global climate change and support efforts to mitigate its effects.
  • Support energy conservation and development of renewable energy alternatives.
  • Support solid waste management programs that increase reuse and recycling in the County and City.

Health Services

  • Educate and advocate for national/state/local health care reform that provides quality physical and mental health care for all citizens.
  • Encourage and support countywide comprehensive health care planning and access, equity, and safety in health care.