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Position on Death with Dignity

Proposal for Concurrence with the LWV of Utah's Position on Death With Dignity


During the 2017 State Convention a proposal to consider concurrence with LWV Utah's position on Death with Dignity was approved by convention delegates. The Board, at its July meeting, approved a Feb. 15 deadline date for return of the forms indicating your League's approval or rejection of this update and concurrence.

Concurrence on Death with Dignity Legislation

We will meet on January 10th at 2pm at the First Reform Church at 8 N. Church Street (Mohawk building which is between the church and the office building; use the back door) to consider whether the League of Women Voters of New York State should adopt a position in support of medical aid in dying legislation. It is important to hear from our members so please plan to attend and to read the background materials published in the Bulletin and on our website.

The position to be considered is:

1. The League of Women Voters of New York believes state laws should grant the option for a terminally ill person to request medical assistance from a relevant, licensed physician to end one's life.

2. The League of Women Voters of New York believes such legislation should include safeguards against abuse of the dying and medical personnel who act in good faith and compliance with the law.

The LWV of Utah underwent a study of this issue and adopted such a position. The following information is taken from their study. The entire study and other background materials can be found below. Additional information is available on the Death With Dignity Albany Website .