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For Town and Village Courts, see individual listings. The information below lists: Name, When Term Ends, and Phone.

CITY COURTS City Court Judges - 10 YEAR TERMS

  • Robert Hoffman, term ends 2026, 518-453-5989
  • Mark Caruso, term ends 2026, 518-453-5989
  • Guido Loyola, term ends 2022, 518-453-5989
  • Teneka Frost, term ends 2018, 518-453-5989

  • County Court Judge Matthew Sypniewski, term ends 2024, 518-285-8429
  • Family Court Judge Jill Polk, term ends 2024, 518-285-4300
  • Family Court Judge Kevin A. Burke, term ends 2023, 518-285-8755
  • Family Court Judge Mark Blanchfield, term ends 2028, 518-285-8422
  • Surrogate Court Judge Vincent W. Versaci, term ends 2020, 518-453-5590
  • District Attorney Robert M. Carney, term ends 2021, 518-388-4364
  • Public Defender Steven Signore, 518-388-2266
  • Family Ct. Support Magistrate Sharon Bowles, 518-388-4319
  • Family Ct. Support Magistrate Kathleen J. Jennings, 518-388-4319
  • Chief Clerk to the Family Court Denise Riggi, 518-285-8435
  • Deputy Chief Clerk to the Family Court Lawrencia Colon, 518-285-8435
  • Director of Probation Thomas Zampella, 518-388-4330
  • Commissioner of Jurors Nicole Salamone, 518-285-8516
  • Chief Clerk of Supreme Court David Cardona, 518-285-8401

Statewide offices, filled when vacancies occur. Term is 14 years or until 70 years of age. (May be certified for continued service at the end of the year in which they reach 70.) Schenectady is one of the eleven counties in the fourth Judicial District. All terms end on 12/31 of the year noted.

  • Martin D. Affredou, Essex County, term ends 2029
  • Mary M. Farley, St. Lawrence, term ends 2029
  • Thomas Buchanan, Schenectady County, term ends 2026
  • John T. Ellis, Franklin County, term ends 2026
  • Joseph M. Sise, Montgomery County, term ends 2026
  • Ann C. Crowell, Saratoga County, term ends 2025
  • Mark L. Powers, Schenectady County, term ends 2025
  • Robert Muller, Essex County, term ends 2022
  • Robert J. Chauvin, Saratoga County, term ends 2020
  • Vito C. Caruso, Schenectady County, term ends 2019
  • Thomas D. Nolan, Jr., Saratoga County, term ends 2019
  • Richard T. Aulisi, Fulton County, term ends 2018
  • Barry D. Kramer, Schenectady County, term ends 2018

For further information, call the Clerk of the Supreme Court, Schenectady: 518-285-5060 or Administrative Office 4th District: 518-285-8415.

  • Elizabeth Garry, Presiding Justice, Chenango County, term ends 2020
  • Stan L. Pritzker, Washington County, term ends 2027
  • Christine Clark, Schenectady County, term ends 2026
  • Robert Mulvey, Tompkins County, term ends 2025
  • John Egan, Albany County, term ends 2019
  • Eugene Devine, Albany County, term ends 2019
  • Michael C. Lynch, Albany County, term ends 2019
  • Sharon A. M. Aarons, Bronx County, term ends 2019
  • Philip Rumsey, Cortland County, term ends 2019
  • William McCarthy, Albany County, term ends 2018

Court Clerk Appellate Division 518-471-4777

For further information about courts, call the New York State Office of Court Administration, Albany, phone 518-474-1038.


Statewide offices, appointed by the Governor from persons found well qualified by a judicial nominating commission. May be certified for continued service on the Supreme Court.

Chief Judge: Janet DiFiore (Bronxville), term ends 12/31/2025

Associate Judges:

  • Rowan D. Wilson (Nassau), term ends 02/05/2031
  • Paul G. Feinman (NYC), term ends 12/31/2030
  • Michael J. Garcia (Westchester), term ends 02/07/2030
  • Jenny Rivera (NYC), term ends 02/10/2027
  • Leslie E. Stein (Albany). term ends 12/31/2026
  • Eugene M. Fahey (Buffalo), term ends 12/31/2021

Office of the Clerk, Court of Appeals, 518-455-7700