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June 13--Annual Dinner Meeting

Join us for dinner, the annual meeting and a talk by speaker Zoe M. Oxley, Professor of Political Science, Director, American Studies, Union College. Professor Oxley will talk about "What The Election in 2016 Tells Us About America; a Look at Racial and Gender Equality in the USA. What it Means to Be Part of a Post Truth Society".
Turf Tavern
40 Mohawk Ave, Scotia, NY 12302
June 13, 2017 5:30pm

Dinner entrée choices are:
Chicken Florentine
Baked Scrod
Vegetarian Sauté over pasta or quinoa

Dinner will also include fresh fruit medley, house salad, entrée, carrot cake and coffee or tea.

The charge for dinner is $30. You must make your reservation by June 6th; contact Carol Furman by phone 518-346-2746 or e-mail. We are unable to cancel reservations after June 6th unless a replacement can be made.


Bring your checkbooks!

Your win will support the League's educational programs.

Items offered:

  • Family membership to the JCC

  • Beautiful hand turned wooden bowls

  • Gift certificates to local restaurants

  • Family membership to MiSci

  • Facials at Beauty and Bliss

  • Classes at Soluna Yoga Studio.

  • Tubbs snowshoes

  • Gift baskets and more!!!

Bid and bid often!

Membership will be asked to approve the PROPOSED 2017-18 SLATE OF LEADERS, BUDGET, and LOCAL PROGRAM.


Carol Hunter-Jacobson and and her daughter Karin Jacobson have joined the LWV to become more knowledgeable about local and national political and government issues.

Karin is a senior at SUNY Oneonta where she majors in Family Services. She will be the 2017 Summer Program Director at the Rotterdam Boys and girls clubs.

Summer Lunch Program


Summer Lunch Program

Steinmetz Park

Week of August 14 to August 18 Call Helen MacDonald (618)346-7006; email:

Electoral Dysfunction- the movie

According to the movie trailer, "Electoral Dysfunction" is a feature-length documentary created by a team of award-winning filmmakers. In this film comedian Mo Rocca takes us on a road trip to see how voting works ... and doesn't work... in America. Humor and wit are used to take an irreverent--but nonpartisan--look at voting in America. For starters, where is the Electoral College--and does it have a winning football team?"

Progressive Schenectady, in collaboration with the League of Women Voters will be screening "Electoral Dysfunction" on May 25th in the McChesney Room of the Schenectady County Library, 99 Clinton St.

Please join us for a meet-and-greet starting at 6 PM.

Civilian Police Review Board

Dick Shave, Schenectady League representative to the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) announced that the brochure for the Board has now been distributed in Schenectady. Dick reports that he has gained a new respect for those people who train the police officers as well as for the Internal Affairs Office that investigates police infractions. There is interest in the Community about the CPRB which will, going forward, provide opportunities for more discussion and education. Dick looks forward to discussing these matters with anyone who has an interest.

"Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport"

You've heard that before. Especially if you find fault with what is happening in government be it local, state or federal. Not everybody has to hold office---or even run for office to be a participant. There are plenty of ways to be active and to get involved.
  • If you admire a candidate for office---actively support them. You can carry their petitions, campaign for them---go "door to door" with them---write endorsement letters to the Editor---financially support their campaigns.
  • Become involved in the community---volunteer for a commission or board in which you have an interest, especially if you have expertise or special knowledge that would benefit the work of that body.
  • Publicly support (or speak out against) issues that concern you and find allies to work with to see these issues resolved.
  • The League of Women Voters offers you many opportunities to participate in the business of democracy. Join us in registering voters, volunteer to help us conduct a candidate forum, collect returns at a polling place on election night.

The main thing is tp look for ways to be involved and then to get involved. Be a game player, not a spectator!

The League Speaks with One Voice

"League members must keep in mind that THE LEAGUE SPEAKS WITH ONE VOICE.

It is the prerogative of a member to take no action or to take contrary action as an individual. Thus, as individuals, we all have the right to contact our public officials about matters of concern. What we learn from League sources can always be used to inform a person's individual action. "


Carrie Chapman Catt

While we all know that Carrie Chapman Catt fought tirelessly for women's suffrage both here and abroad and that she founded the League of Women Voters, here are some facts about this remarkable woman of which we may not be aware:
  • Originally interested in practicing medicine, Catt received a Bachelor of Science degree in general science in 1880. She was the only woman in her class.
  • When her husband died in 1885, Catt made a living by becoming San Francisco's first female newspaper reporter.
  • By 1900, Catt succeeded the 80-year-old activist Susan B. Anthony as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), the organizational predecessor to the League.
  • Catt returned to NAWSA as president in 1915. Catt's relentless campaigning is credited with helping win President Woodrow Wilson's respect and support -- which ultimately led to the passage of the 19th Amendment.
  • Catt was close friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, a fellow League leader and women's rights pioneer.
  • She supported efforts for both the League of Nations and the United Nations, the latter of which the League of Women Voters helped establish. Carrie Catt described the League as a "mighty experiment". Nearly 95 years later the League is still a mighty experiment in making democracy work through citizen education and engagement.
    Excerpted from LWVUS