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Citizenship Mentoring

Citizenship Mentoring is non-partisan and aims to assist eligible permanent residents prepare for US Citizenship. Citizens participate in the democratic process by exercising their right to vote; only citizens can vote in federal, New York State, and local elections. The League of Women Voters believes in promoting the democratic process.

Citizenship Mentoring Report, March 2019

We have great news to announce this month! Cheryl Nechamen tutored two students who went on to obtain their US citizenship in January. In addition, we have two more students who have their interview appointments in the next three weeks, and we're very excited for them. It's a wonderful feeling to see people with whom we've worked so closely receive their naturalization certificates. We were also delighted to learn that LWVUS has awarded us with another grant, the 2019 New Citizens Voter Registration Grant that will run through November 2019. This will help us purchase needed supplies for our classes and for the naturalization ceremonies. Many of these items can also be used or borrowed by our League for other events. Thanks to all our CMG helpers, tutors, and cheering section!

Ann Hatke, CMG Chair

2019 Naturalization Ceremonies Dates

The dates of the 2019 Schenectady County naturalization ceremonies are now available. If you would like to attend, or help, please contact Ann Hatke. The dates are:

Friday, January 25 Friday, March 29 May (date TBA) - special session for Law Day Friday, May 17 Friday, June 21 Friday, July 19 Friday, August 23 Friday, September 20 Friday, October 18 Friday, November 22

Location: Hibernian Hall - 1748 State Street in Schenectady

Time: ceremonies begin at 9:30 am

Contact: Ann Hatke 518-669-4206 or

Winter 2019 Citizenship Classes

Schedule for the winter 2019 citizenship mentoring classes

Session dates: Saturday January 19 - Saturday March 9

Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Place: Phyllis Bornt Library and Literacy Center Address: 948 State Street - Schenectady

Classes are free and all materials will be provided

One-on-One Tutoring also available

For more information contact Ann Hatke Citizenship Mentoring Group Coordinator League of Women Voters of Schenectady County

Citizenship Mentoring Report January/February 2019

Our 8-week citizenship preparation winter session will begin on Saturday, January 19 from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Phyllis Bornt Library. We have a number of students who have applied for citizenship and several have had their citizenship interviews scheduled, so this is a very exciting time for us! We're also looking forward to attending this year's monthly naturalization ceremonies in Schenectady where we'll be registering new citizens to vote. With that in mind, Ann Hatke will be applying for the 2019 New Citizens Voter Registration Grant from LWVUS, the same grant that we received in 2018. As always, if you'd like to be a part of the Citizenship Mentoring Group or attend the naturalization ceremonies, we'd love to have you. Contact Ann Hatke.

Citizenship Mentoring Overview

The Citizenship Mentoring helps legal residents prepare for US Citizenship. We do not have outside sources of income; these classes are solely funded by the Schenectady LWV. Thanks to the Schenectady County Public Library system, we were able to obtain the use of a room at the Bornt Library, 948 State Street. This location is easily accessible for anyone interested in taking advantage of our classes which will focus on helping eligible residents prepare for the naturalization interview and test. We are planning on holding weekly classes for an 8 to 10 week period starting in October. Dates will be announced later.

If you are interested in learning more about citizenship through naturalization, there are ample resources and information on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website:. There is even a sample USCIS Naturalization and Test Video which explains the process.